Scratchy plastics throughout the Navara mean it's falling behind its rivals in the perceived quality aspect.

Nissan Navara long-term test review: perceived quality

The Nissan Navara NP300 is one of the first to try to bring more SUV commodities to the pick-up market and, boy, does this Tekna model cram in the features.

Gadgets can be gimmicks, but most of its features are extremely useful, so it holds its own against most SUVs in that respect. However, the cabin does leave me wanting. I couldn’t care less if a car has cheap, scratchy plastics in the footwell, but it irritates me that my elbow rests on the equivalent of a kitchen counter top.

Granted, there is an ‘armrest’ with some padding, but it’s too sited low for real-world use. I wish the top of the door card was more protruding and had a padded armrest. I also think the absence of rake and reach adjustment for the steering is rather stingy on a £29,000 vehicle. Overall, rivals like the Toyota Hilux and Volkswagen Amarok surpass the Navara in perceived quality, because they have those extra touches.

Nissan Navara long-term test review: perceived quality

Make the cabin out of the hardest, scratchiest plastics you want. Just sort out the contact points. 

Climate control issues

My Navara has dual-zone climate control on which you can choose the temperature to within 0.5deg. Amazing, right? Well, no. For all its adjustability, there’s 2deg of usable range; 16deg is icebox cold, 16.5deg is a tepid room temperature, 17deg is warm and 17.5deg is an inferno.

It prompts the question: who decommissioned the blue-to-red dial? Simplicity is underrated. – Jim Holder


Price £24,792.50 Price as tested £29,621.50 Economy 32.4mpg Faults None Expenses New aerial £12, Pegasus Tailgate Assist £354 Last seen 7.12.16 

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